Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Join us for one of our classes in Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Gentle, Meditation, Pranayama or Restorative yoga.

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Becoming a part of the membership program means unlimited yoga, every day, in a supportive community of like-minded friends.

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Hours and Location

Hours and Location

Our yoga studio is located in the Manahawkin shoppes next to Schwee Tea Organic Juice Bar and Pangaea Naturals Health Food Market.

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What do I wear to class?

Wear whatever clothing is comfortable for you. We recommend something that is not too tight or constricting.

Do you have yoga mats available?

Yes we have yoga mats and refreshing water to assist in your practice. Just bring yourself.

Do I need any prior yoga experience?

You do not need prior experience. We have many classes available for all levels. Whether this is your very first time or you have been practicing for years, you are most welcome here.

What if I get tired?

It is normal and natural for the body and muscles to feel fatigued. If you feel “not yourself,” you are always welcome to lie on your mat and rest.

I have a medical condition or injury. Can I still practice yoga?

One of the many wonderful benefits of yoga is that it is adaptable to everyone. No matter your injury or ailment, you can practice yoga. Please arrive a few minutes early to speak to your teacher and let them know.

Is there a set class schedule?

We do have a “set” schedule. Like life, things change. Be sure to check our yoga class schedule or contact us if you are not sure. Be on the look out for specialty workshops and retreats.

Do you offer hot yoga?

We do not offer hot yoga. There are classes however, where we make the room a comfortable 80 degrees. These classes will be noted on the schedule.

Can I bring my child?

This is a great question! We have a community class on Saturday mornings that are welcoming to you, your family and friends.